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Interlace – Teresiña Talarico


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“Interlace” is the most fundamental theme in the oeuvre of the Chilean – German artist Teresiña Talarico. Her pictures are based on visual structures that can be traced back to observations and experiences that the artist has made in different cultures and countries in the course of her life. The catalog compiles a representative selection of Talarico’s works that were created between 1992 and 2021.

The book bearing this title, which is also the title of one of her artworks, can be read and seen as her view of the interweavings that result from the perceptions and experiences of a life lived in various places and in different countries. The pictures are also based upon visual structures derived from her personal observations in different cultures in which she has lived and been active.

The catalog is a representative selection of her artworks created between 1992 and 2021

Ed. by Walter Nikkels. Text by Sebastian Egenhofer, Rudi Fuchs, Kay Heymer, Teresiña Talarico, Valentinan Vlasic.

Text “Dynamic of the form and power of colour”, in: Teresiña Talarico, hrsg. v. Teresiña Talarico and Walter Nikkels, Dordrecht 2021 (Englisch)

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