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The Passenger + Stella Maris. set 2 delen – Cormac McCarthy



A beautiful, limited edition slipcase containing Cormac McCarthy’s two-book masterpiece The Passenger and Stella Maris revolving around the doomed love story of a brother and sister who encounter the legacy of their father, a physicist who played a role in the development of the atomic bomb.

The Passenger is the story of a salvage diver, haunted by loss, afraid of the watery deep, pursued for a conspiracy beyond his understanding, and longing for a death he cannot reconcile with God.

Stella Maris is the story of a mathematician, twenty years old, admitted to the hospital with forty thousand dollars in a plastic bag and one request: She does not want to talk about her brother. Striking detail: Stella Maris has a woman as the main character for the first time, an idea that McCarthy had been toying with for fifty years but didn’t dare until recently.

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