Proof – Jim Marshall


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The Beatles racing across Candlestick Park at the end of their final public performance; Johnny Cash pausing to give the camera a middle finger salute before playing for inmates in San Quentin; a weary Janis Joplin backstage, keeping a whiskey bottle company. Jim Marshall captured each of these iconic images with his camera. But what of the other shots taken during these legendary moments?  To say it’s rare for a photographer to publish his proof sheets is an understatement.

It’s almost unheard of. As Chronicle Senior Pop Music Critic Joel Selvin says in his excellent introduction, “Proof sheets are like a look behind the curtain at the Wizard of Oz.” This extraordinary book is laid out with the proof sheet of a film roll on the left page of each spread and, on the right, the selected shot from the roll — such as a doleful Janis Joplin backstage holding her Southern Comfort bottle, Bob Dylan rolling a tire down the street in Greenwich Village, Jimi Hendrix in his Sgt. Pepper jacket at Monterey Pop or the Beatles trudging across the field at Candlestick Park at their last live concert. Sharp and pithy anecdotes provide the context for each selected shot. Hardcover / 132 pagina’S / ISBN 978-0811843188